Project Description

What if students in kindergarten through fifth grade were given the opportunity to develop their mathematical problem solving skills through the use of 21st Century technology, collaboration among peers, and motivational lessons?

I am proposing to bring a project to Elms Road Elementary that will allow our students to excel in these areas.  Throughout this project students will work in collaborative teams to solve mathematic problems and take part in interactive math activities.  Student teams will use Smartboard technology to present projects and strategies.  This technology will enable the students to capture their thought processes, which then will be used to create video, PowerPoints, or other forms of digital multimedia to share their presentations globally.

What makes this project different is the global connection students will encounter as they share their work with peers around the world.  Mathematic problems or activities will be posted for each grade level on a webpage created at Elms Road Elementary.  This webpage will invite students from around the world to solve the problem or take part in the activity, and share the process in which the problem was solved through video, PowerPoint, or other digital form of media, which will then be uploaded to the website.  With the use of the Smartboards, students will then have the opportunity to view numerous projects that demonstrate various strategies and approaches for solving the same problem.  Students will also be able to view how different groups of students might present a math activity in a different and creative format.

Smartboared technology will enable our students to acquire mathematical skills and strategies that will build their confidence as well as instill a desire to be lifelong learners in the area of math.